Finally decided which Roku model to order…

Mrs. here again.  I’ve been researching which Roku unit to buy to replace our old one, and here’s the scoop… Starting with the basics…  A Roku is a small unit that streams movies, TV shows, music and other content to your TV via the Internet.  The nice thing about the Roku is that once […]

5 Ways to watch your favorite sports without cable TV.

We’ve heard from a lot of families who are considering canceling cable, but aren’t ready to make the leap due to concerns about being able to watch their favorite sports.  Here’s a short post on some of the alternatives we’ve seen… Note: Keep in mind that games aired over standard networks can be watched using free […]

Time for a new Roku

Let me introduce myself…I’m Mrs.  Thought I’d try my hand at adding to our blog! Here’s the latest…. In late December, we had some bad weather and our Roku unit’s power adapter was fried during a lightning storm. This was a pretty big deal since we (including our kids) have been relying on it […]

Canceling Cable: March 2010 update

It’s been over a year and a half since we originally canceled cable. Here’s a quick update on what’s new… On July of 2008, we wrote a blog post comparing the costs of keeping cable with buying a 50″ TV each year and tossing it in a dumpster and created a simple calculator to see […]

Cable TV alternatives – one year update.

It’s been over a year now since we canceled our cable TV service.   We’ve saved a lot of money and now watch all our favorite shows using a combination of free HD broadcast TV and the Internet.   We’ve been very happy with our decision and have been taking advantage of some pretty cool new services. […]

Digital TV Transition Update

The digital tv transition deadline has been moved from February 17th to June 12, but there are some complications.  The problem is that the delay is optional.  If broadcasters think they are ready, they can make the switch today as originally planned. And it looks like about one third of them will be stopping analog […]

Preparing for the February 17th digital switchover

Woke up this morning and see that has a front page story on the digital tv switchover. They mention the February 17th, 2009 switchover date and discuss the impact this will have on over-the-air TV viewers like us.   The article confirms many of the things we have been blogging about over the past year, […]