December 2010 Update

It’s been way too long since out last post, but we’ve blocked off some time and have a lot of new things to blog about.    Due to a few new cool services and devices, its even easier for us to watch free Internet based content on our TV (and even our phone).  And with just about every other bill rising, it feels great not to pay $150/month for cable.    As we blogged about last year, we used the money we saved to buy a flatscreen TV and a Nintendo Wii.

This year we decided to improve our cable-free setup by subscribing to HuluPlus and purchasing an Ipad.    We’re also about to upgrade our trusty original model Roku with one of the new models that are currently being discounted for the holidays.   Over the next week or two, we’ll post more about our current setup and answer some of the more common questions that we receive.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them below and we’ll do our best to answer them.

19 thoughts on “December 2010 Update

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading about the ways you are able to save money by moving around your old cable provider. One thing I haven’t seen you comment on is Redbox DVDs. They are only $1 to rent and they carry more current titles than the NetFlix streaming service. Of course if you don’t mind waiting for the DVD to arrive via your mailing queue then there is no need to spend the dollar. Also, Craigslist that old DVD player because you can use the computer to view your DVD movies on your TV. Use the next chunk of money you save for a blu-ray player and a 5.1 system ;).

  2. I’m going to buy a Roku box but am not up on tech stuff enough to know which one to get. Currently have Verizon FiOS for internet and cable; would like to get rid of cable but assume I will still need FiOS as an internet provider. When Roku says it comes with wireless capability, I assume that means receiving wireless rather than providing it, right? I know that sounds like a stupid question, but I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m technically dense. Any advice you could give on which Roku to get and what to look for in an HD tv would be appreciated. Oh, and one more thing… any idea where to watch shows from PBS or The Travel Channel without cable?

  3. Just picked up a Roku HD for the holidays, and I also have an iPad and iPhone. Netflix is awesome on all three of these devices. I’m interested in reading more from you about how you’ve used these devices to replace cable.

  4. I have netflix, hulu plus, a streaming bluray player and now a new roku….I should also add I’m not very computer literate. I still can’t figure out how to watch the current season of CBS shows. Hulu (not plus) has the 2 most current episodes but not on Plus. Also, IMDb has some show I can’t find anywhere else. I can watch all of these things on the computer but it seems with all these new devices I should be able to get it to the TV. Any suggestions? Thanks for all you do, I cancelled my cable service earlier this year after reading your stuff…and losing my job!

  5. I’m curious if hulu plus is going to put out a notice or newsletter, it would be nice to know when new stuff comes in and just shop continuously from that.

    fyi, on zats not funny website, they tell you how to get youtube on your roku

  6. Thanks so much for your website! We have taken your example and are currently getting our set-up in place. Please continue to keep us posted! I’ve told a lot of people about how to find your information. It helps a lot!!!

  7. heck yea I’m interested in cutting off the cable monster… seems they are going up up and up…..I’m following your website….can’t wait till you post the latest and greatest gizmo’s…..I can’t wait to go shopping for a big LCD !!!

  8. Hi,
    I am new to this site. I am paying over $200 per month for cable for 2 TVs, converter boxes and DVR. I would like to cancel cable altogether. Could you send me a list of all the items I need to buy? Thanks.

  9. I am ready to take the plunge and drop cable …. but … my husband is addicted to NFL football! Is there any hope of having current games available on the internet, netflix, or hulu …
    Thanks for putting such great information out there!

  10. Just wanted to comment on your site. We canceled cable about a month or more ago. and we haven’t looked back. We have a few blue ray players that connect us to netflix, and we purchased google TV (instead of the Roku) Its a cool product as it allows you to web browse right on the large screen, use netflix/amazon/youtube, ect. It also will sync up and read your drives on your laptop to play any media on your computer (all over wifi) Not sure it should be priced at 300.00 bucks, but it beats our cable bill which was 225.00 a month. We also got a whole house antenna from best buy that ranges about 75 miles or so. they make bigger ones, if you live in the sticks, but we live in downtown D.C., so the broadcast stations are pretty close. We just wanted to say that this website gave us the “courage” to tell comcast to go kick rocks. (sort of anyway, we still have the internet connection for 40.00 a month)

  11. I just switched from cable to antenna. I still have Internet. My living room TV is an analog with a converter box. I want to get a ROKU to watch Netflix. Which one should I get? I’ve been getting mixed opinions. Some say the HD is fine. Some say be prepared with the XD/S. Now Best Buy said that a new model is coming out, but they don’t know what yet. Any advice?

  12. FYI, if you buy a couple Homerun HD’s and have a decent pc with Windows 7 home premium you can record all your OTA Shows. Works FANTASTIC…

  13. Canceling cable is probably one of the best things my wife and I did in 2010. I lost my job late in 2009 so we tightened up our finances and started cutting things that didn’t matter. Turns out cable was not only unneeded, but also quite a pain! Its absurd to spend that much money every month.

    We got ourselves a Terk HDTV antenna and have turned a few friends on to it as well. When they hear we are using an antenna they are a little baffled at first but then a lightbulb always turns on in their head when they realize that they too can be free of the cable bill.

  14. I have cable service for tv, internet and phone. Its getting too expensive – if I cancel this service, what are other options to watch tv and use my laptop.

  15. Hi Hilda, thanks for your comment. We’ll try to write an article soon covering some of the new wireless options to broadband cable or FIOS, which can let you use your laptop to watch tv, browse the internet and even make phone calls.

  16. Like Hilda, I am trying to cut expenses. My not a techie and worry about the what ifs – will look forward to your article about other options…and how to go about implementing them.

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