How to watch Breaking Bad without Cable TV

Here’s how to watch all 62 episodes of Breaking Bad without cable tv….

Ok – I admit it,  I’ve been hooked (no pun intended) on Breaking Bad.     Up until Sunday I’d seen every episode except Sunday’s final, despite not having AMC or cable TV.   Every episode that is except the finale.

I watched the first five seasons for free using our Roku to stream them via Netflix .   The final mini-season (6 episodes) aren’t yet available on Netflix, but were released next day on Amazon Video on Demand after each of the final episodes were aired.  They’re not free, but are available for $1.99 each and can also be streamed via the Roku set top box.

What about the finale?   Luckily I avoided all the spoiler articles on the Internet.  Sure I had to wait one day to watch it, but all in all I was pretty happy to be able to watch all 62 episodes at my convenience for only $16.   Thanks Roku, Netflix and Amazon!

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