’s First Money Saving Gift Guide

Thought it would be interesting to create a gift giving guide that could actually save money in the long run, so we just created and published our first Money Saving Gift Guide‘.  It contains suggestions, discounts and tips for……

  • Set top boxes
  • Streaming Blu-ray players
  • Internet ready TVs
  • Portable TVs
  • Antennas for watching free HD broacast TV and other cool gadgets for watching TV and movies on your HDTV without cable TV.
All the products selected were in stock and could be delivered well in time for Christmas (based on the web site’s notices), so if you haven’t found the perfect present yet and don’t feel like battling in the malls, maybe you’ll find the right gift below. You can access the guide by clicking on the thumbnail below, or by visiting our new Facebook page.

Money saving gift giving guide

If you find the guide helpful, please consider sharing it with your friends and family on Facebook or e-mail. Thank you and have a great holiday season!

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