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ABCNEWS – Why You Should Buy a Home: 9 Ways to Jump Start Your Savings for a down payment.

Dallas Morning News: ESPN360 Live Works Pretty Well

LA TIMES – Making Hulu Play Nice with Cable

TechCrunch – Internet TV and The Death of Cable TV

PBS – Your Guide to Cutting the Cord on Cable

ABC Good Morning America: Cancel Your Cable and Still Watch Great TV

MSNBC – How to Save Money on TV Service

TV Breaks Out of the Box (Washington Post)

Mentions our Showfinder tool and talks about how canceling cable is becoming a viable alternative for some broadband users.   Interesting stats about how more people watched Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin sketches online than during the show’s broadcast.  My favorite was the anecdote about how Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer watches his favorite show (Lost) online for free as opposed to paying a dollar for it on Itunes.  I think Post’s author Mike Musgrove summed it up best when he said “Ever have a billionaire make your feel dumb for leading an overly extravagant lifestyle?”

Now it’s easier than ever to cut cable (MSN MoneyBlog)

Features our post about how keeping cable can cost the same as buying a flat screen tv each year and tossing it in a dumpster.   Discusses how free digital broadcast tv can provide a clearer picture and more programming and mentions our Showfinder tool.

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