Digital TV Transition Update

The digital tv transition deadline has been moved from February 17th to June 12, but there are some complications.  The problem is that the delay is optional.  If broadcasters think they are ready, they can make the switch today as originally planned. And it looks like about one third of them will be stopping analog transmissions by midnight tonight.

Confused?  Here are a few tips…

1. You can see which stations are making the transition early by downloading this PDF file from the FCC.

2. If you haven’t already placed yourself on the waiting list for a $40 coupon from the government’s converter box program, do it now.

3. If you already have a HDTV, try connecting it to a standard UHF/VHF antenna.  The good news is that most plasma and LCD TV’s have built in digital receivers.  So depending on your area and reception, you may be able to continue receiving all your channels with your existing TV and a standard antenna.

4. If you don’t have a newer TV and the analog versions of your channels are being stopped today, you might want to run out and pickup a low cost converter box.  Our favorite is Zenith’s DTT901 which sells for about $60.  If you can’t find one locally, still has them in stock.

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