Two more reasons to cancel cable? Xbox/Tivo to stream Netflix content

Netflix streaming movies will soon be available on Tivo and Xbox Experience.  Previously, Netflix’s Instant Watch content could only be viewed on a computer or using a $99 set top box called a Roku.   Since Roku, Tivo and Xbox will pull all the content off of a standard broadband connection, cable TV service is not […]

5 Reasons Roku is better than Cable, Itunes and even

In case you haven’t heard of it, Roku is a small $99 set top box that lets Netflix subscribers watch over 12,000 on demand shows and movies for free.    We bought ours shortly after we canceled cable and have been really pleased with it.   Here’s why… 1.  It’s like having a free on demand cable box […]

Screenshots of our “cable-free” reception

When we first plugged in our digital converter box and started using free digital TV, we were surprised to see that our reception was actually better than our old digital cable signal. We’ve since learned that this is very common since free digital broadcast signals are often less compressed than digital cable signals. Here are […]

Watch your favorite cable shows using, Netflix and Itunes

We recently canceled cable TV service and use free digital broadcast TV. The deciding factor was we can still watch our favorite cable shows (even the ones on HBO and Showtime) without spending additional money. Here’s how you can too… I. Watch your favorite shows for free using the Internet One of our favorite sites […]

Share your story

Have you canceled cable TV?   Tell us about it… Use the comments box below to share your story so that we can all learn from your experience.   Some things you might want to include… What state do you live in? How much are you saving per month? What are you using as an alternative to […]