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Have you canceled cable TV?   Tell us about it…

Use the comments box below to share your story so that we can all learn from your experience.   Some things you might want to include…

  • What state do you live in?
  • How much are you saving per month?
  • What are you using as an alternative to cable tv?
  • Any advice for others canceling cable?
  • Any unexpected benefits from canceling

9 thoughts on “Share your story

  1. I found your site to be a tremendous benefit! In 2007, I was using TVMAX digital cable service. After numerous nights and Saturdays flipping channels on the remote through 125 channels and finding nothing on or the same movies broadcast over and over again, I decided that it no longer made sense for me to pay for television. And the reality shows and other drivel that was pushed on me!! I canceled cable, went to Half Price Bookstore to stock up on movies, got my coupons for the digital tv converters, made my own tv antennas, got a broadband connection, and haven’t looked back. In the near future, I will be getting the Roku box. Even my fiancee’ is convinced that cable and satellite are colossal wastes of money and time.

  2. Forgot to add what was asked. I live in Texas and I am using OTA digital tv, DVDs, VHS, and Netflix as alternatives to cable and satellite. Advice to people concerning cancelling cable: Just do it! 😉 Really, the majority of programming on cable can be found on OTA digital tv (CSI, Law and Order, etc.), so…why pay for it. And why pay to see movies over and over again (USA, TNT, TBS, etc.) when you can cut out the middleman and play the movies with no commercials out of a collection you build or rent (Netflix)? I save $60 per month. Do the math on the calculator provided by this site;-) Besides, I have more time for reading and other activities.

  3. I am a grad student who was living with parents who had 20000 channels. When I moved out, it was HARD to not have tv or cable but I weened myself with Netflix instant view,, now I use, and I stream news that I want from–for the debates etc.–

    yesterday i caught up on the daily show clips on– and the only time i turn on my overweight tv is when i finally make it to the mailbox with my netflix envelope and have a new one sent to me.

    Not having commercial brainwashing has been liberating and I have noticed that I now have zero tolerance for radio commercials. I choose to stream radio from itunes instead. My life is richer for sure. I don’t have all the crap going into my ears and ruining my paradigm. Plus im smarter because I am also not paying for it!

    I live in Dallas TX–Clinical Psych Doctoral Candidate-32

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  5. I actually really enjoy my cable service. I have been with Comcast for over a year and have had no complaints. I hope that anyone reading this comment uderstands that this is just my view. I am sure many people enjoy using the internet for movie/entertainment purposes. I utilize my cable, internet and phone service into one low priced TRIPLE PLAY w COMCAST. Some of you may be interested in combining all of your services into one billing statement. If so, please call 1-800-COMCAST for more information.

  6. I hope you are sitting down………. (or steady yourself)
    MY family of 4, have NEVER had Cable or Satellite TV.
    (OK we do pay the devil for internet and phone-so far).

    OTA is more programming than we can watch anyway.
    and YES, we did buy a HD LCD TV with just 1yrs savings.

    Only problem now is that the GOV messed up (ha, again) and 3 local stations (PBS, PBS & CBS) are all underpowered, the 1M watt channels are solid, while the 200-500KW channels fade out even with large UHF roof antenna and pre amp ! ! ! . Ironic that in analog they were OK, yet in Digital they break up? I love TECHNOLOGY (not). Maybe it’s the people and politicians and greed, not the technology? MOST, people will get frustrated by the break up in signal and “hello cable or satellite”. Makes you wonder if it’s accidental???

    Plus an interesting stat, only one in about 7 or 8 US households get OTA. I was shocked. With that minority we would have been better off with the FEDS subsidizing ALL our cable costs, and giving us cable and internet, basic phone for residential for less than $50/m, including HS internet, 60CH cable TV , and local phone w/$0.05/min LD. (No, they did not ask me what to do)

    Just common sense, though I love OTA, and educate many neighbors about it, if only about 15% use it, we would be better to drop it altogether and go to cable or national satellite? Just my 2 cents.

    PS, new technologies should work better than old ones (reception). Plus the HD tuners “forget” channels and need to be re-scanned once in a while, interesting. Plus, the newer generation OTA chipset tuners are more sensative and work better, but theri are no standards for the average consumer to know any of this.


  7. i got off the cable wagon just over 3 years ago, but it does suck that i have to wait awhile for new shows to show up on netflix. still it was well worth it. i find i dont mind not watching tv that much either, its just not that important to me anymore. i do have enough extra cash more often these days for other stuff. all the shows i really care about i can catch online.

  8. Our only problem (woops, prssed submit too soon) is what to watch. The selection is amazing and overwhelming, current TV series, movies, current, and oldies, Documentaries, news in all flavors of ethnicity and political orientation, ballets, operas, concerts, foreign, made for internet, etc etc.. The freedom of expression is unusual and very refreshing. And if there is something we want that we don’t have ( like all of the episodes of NCIS) there is always the public library.

    It’s great so save a chunk of money, better still is the quality of what we and our kids are watching.

    We did spring for a mac mini and a wireless keyboard with a trackball so we can remain couch potatos!

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