Screenshots of our “cable-free” reception

When we first plugged in our digital converter box and started using free digital TV, we were surprised to see that our reception was actually better than our old digital cable signal. We’ve since learned that this is very common since free digital broadcast signals are often less compressed than digital cable signals.

Here are some sample screenshots to give you an idea of the quality (keep in mind that tv screenshots look a little fuzzy on computer monitors, but notice that there is no static or wavy lines)…

All screenshots were taken using a Zenith DTT900 which we picked up for $19 at Circuit City (after using the $40 coupon we received).

2 thoughts on “Screenshots of our “cable-free” reception

  1. Took your advice and did it.

    Got my coupon cards 2 days ago and bought the Digital Stream Digital-to-Analog Converter w/ Pass-through (Model: DTX9950) and an antenna (25% off if you buy at same time). Totally impressed by the picture quality on roughly 20 channels or so. Thanks for the 411 and nice blog also.

    You can read the whole walkthrough here.

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