Just added Showfinder Tool

After learning PHP this week, I just created a Showfinder Tool which lets you search for and watch your favorite shows online. You can search for an individual show or browse different categories (HBO shows, kids shows, classic shows, etc.)

The tool currently lists shows on Hulu, Netflix and Itunes as well as a number of different network and cable channel web sites. Once you find the show you want to watch, just click on ‘view’ to jump directly to the site.

To access the tool, click on the following button…

p.s. Since this is the first version of the tool, I would be very interested in any feedback you might have about it. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Just added Showfinder Tool

  1. I’ve been using Netflix and Hulu for some time but what I didn’t see on you showfinder tool is the actual network websites- abc.com, ncb.com, fox.com, etc.

    My schedule doesn’t allow me to watch prime time TV as it airs and I don’t have any recording devices or TIVO nor do I want to spend money for them. I’ve been going to the network’s website and watching each week’s episodes at my convenience. High speed internet is a must.

  2. Hi Felucca. Most shows on ABC, NBC and FOX are available on both Hulu and the network sites. For these shows, we link only to Hulu to keep things simple. If a show isn’t on Hulu (e.g. most Disney shows), our ‘Other’ link will link directly to the network web site.

  3. What I haven’t seen, or don’t understand, is how you are watching HULU on your TV? Is it through the Roku or from PC to TV? Could you please answer this, I love that this site is here, thanks.

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