A quick favor: How did you hear about us?

Quick post: We’ve been receiving increasingly high traffic recently, with many people typing in our URL directly.

If you have a moment, can you let us know (using the comment link below) how you heard about CancelCable.com or found our site?

Thanks for your help!

270 thoughts on “A quick favor: How did you hear about us?

  1. My Tivo/Comcast setup is screwed up and I’m looking for alternative ways to watch cable contents. I googled “CNN on Roku” and this site was listed.

  2. I searched google to figure out what kind of antenna to use now that we don’t have cable and saw your site. Looks interesting as we have come to many of the same conclusions. Thanks!

  3. just desperate. Getting sick of paying this high cable bill and nothings on TV. Im thinking about purchasing the roku player but researching some things first.

  4. I’ve been using Netflix on our wii and on my pc while I work, and just been all around unhappy with comcast’s charges lately, looking for alternatives. I believe I just typed Cable alternatives and you were one of the top 5 that google spit out at me.

  5. I read a book called,”Point, Click and Save”. It recommended this site several times when talking about how to reduce your bills.

  6. I did not hear about you. I found you on a search for
    advise on how to connect an analog TV currently on cable to the internet.
    So far it seems that I need to first convert the TV to digital, and then I can connect with a Netgear device.

  7. Ages ago I Googled “how to quit cable” and found you. Now I just check back in from time to time to see if there are any updates….We are locked into a cable subscription until next year and my husband is not convinced that we can live with out cable….so I keep checking and hoping for day when I can cut the cord…

  8. I typed in “how to cancel cable” after a friend told me there was a way to purchase a box and use the internet to watch tv. I still need to get college football live for my husband so doing research.

  9. I was google searching for the cheapest way to watch the specific channels I want to watch, without having to pay for bazillion cable channels.

  10. My friend Beth has a blog called “One Fabulous Mama”. She listed your site in one of her blogs about how she and her family dissed cable.

  11. I found you via searching “how to watch tv without cable” on Google, you were on top. This might be what I needed to convince my wife to cut the cord. There are a few shows we like a lot on USA Network that I wonder if we can still watch though. Thanks soooo much for putting this site together.


  12. I googled “how to watch TV without cable” and yours was the first site. I’d never heard of roku or hulu! Thanks!!!

  13. I googled “can you get internet on your tv without cable”
    I just “arrived” so am hoping that I will find out how to permenantly detach from the cable umbilical. Getting my tvs and computer hooked up to Internet WITHOUT dependence on cable would be PHENOMONAL!!!

  14. I googled “cable tv alternatives options”. I’m tired of my cable company reducing services while raising prices and I don’t want to give them any more of my money! I’m also looking for ways to cut expenses.

  15. Google search for watch TV without cable. Tired of local cable being expensive and not working good anyway.

  16. Searching “roku and HBO/showtime” on Google, and found your blog among the results. I’m not ready to cut the cable (for me, satellite) cord but appreciate the showfinder and other info.

  17. I am starting a production and distribution project, and am exploring non cable/broadcast alternatives. I google’d “transitioning from cable to internet tv”.

  18. googled “cancelling cable for internet tv”…connection with Comcast service decided to fail/have to wait nearly a week for repair…SMH!

  19. Got the information from SWA’s Spirit magazine on a flight last February. Just getting around to following up.

  20. I was tired of spending so much money on cable for channels we dont watch. I wanted an alternative. Thanks for your website.

  21. I heard about you when I googled get a tv signal without cable. Get rid of cable also. Thanks for the easy instructions I’m canceling my satellite tv TODAY!

  22. Just checking out how people with Roku wanted with an HDTV antenna on the house as they were cutting cable and Googled to here….

  23. Just probing around trying to figure out how to connect my old 27 inch RCA workhorse analog TV to the Internet. Thinking of cancelling Direct TV due to the 57-channels-and-there’s-nothing-on syndrome, but love Netflix. You’ve set me on a good course. Thanks.

  24. Google searched “Better TV Reception” and you came up. Very interesting what you have to say, will be recommending my family and friends look into this!

  25. My friend and I just moved into an apartment about a week ago and are trying to decide if we should pay for internet and cable or just internet.
    I was doing some Google research on living cableless and your site came up.
    It’s been a GREAT resource tool for me and as soon as my roommate gets up, I’m going to let her check it out.
    I have a feeling we will be cable free!

  26. I just sort of stumbled on to it,,,but I have found it very useful and I am looking to get out from under the evil of cable tv. Thank you so very much.

  27. Thanks for everyone for the kind words and for taking the time to leave a comment – much appreciated and very helpful!

  28. I’ve been trying to help a friend who bought a Roku and can’t stream to her TV. I entered netflix streaming cable tv into Google and the third item down was this one. I’m going to investigate more of your site and hope to decrease my cable bill.

  29. Great site and gave me enough courage to step off the ledge and tell RCN to go shove it up there…honestly, I waited for 9 hours for them to call and tell me they were still an hour away! So, I found your site, hooked up the OTA, connected it to my Tivo and voila, I was blown away. Plus I may switch out my Tivo for a Roku now. Plus I’m streaming Espn3 from a tablet pc to my tv because all my equipment sits in a different room than the tv. This site taught me everything! Thanks so much!

  30. Yahoo search landed us here because we are wondering what to do next, we quit paying for outrageous cable over 5 yrs ago and have enjoyed the extra money, but our converter box seems to have died on us so checking for the next options and even briefly considered cable, now we’ll ck out some the options you’ve list!

  31. I did a Google search for something very specific: “best way to watch hulu plus on tv”

    I executed this search because I was debating about whether I should buy a Roku, or just stick with my PS3 (for Hulu Plus). I think I’ll be getting the Roku because it offers more “channels” and seems to offer a better experience overall, since I will be able to turn off the beastly PS3 and use something specifically designed for watching movies and TV shows instead.

  32. searched comcast complaints. You have made my day! already have Roku, just signed up for Hulu Plus, switched my internet service to clear wireless 3g. Adios Comcast!

  33. Heard about the site in a book I recently bought, called “The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need” by Andrew Tobias. He has a chapter full of money-saving tips, and this site was mentioned.

    Thanks for all the great info on this site!

  34. In the book I’m reading: “10,001 Ways To Live Large On A Small Budget” by Wisebread. I cut cable a month ago and have been celebrating ever since. For those of you not sure, trust me you will not miss it.

  35. 10,001 ways to live large on a small budget by the writers of wise bread. Also did a google search of how to watch TV without cable

  36. Bob Sullivan (CNBC Business Reporter) mentioned your site at the end of his Jan. 2010 interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross. (Audio is archived on the show’s website).

  37. Googled “how do I watch tv without cable” and this link came up! I’m still very confused and overwhelmed by the technology but appreciate this website!

  38. I found you guys by doing google search: demand better TV lower cable bills. You were the 4th/ fourth search result. I had never heard of you guys before.

  39. I found your site while doing a Google search on “broadcast tv” I don’t use cable or FIOS although both are available to me. I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my over-the-air connection, expand my channel selection, and keep up on new broadcast channels in my area. ‘m also on alert for any attempts by the cable and phone companies to limit broadcast options.

  40. I read about you in “The ONLY Investment Guide You’ll EVER Need” by Andrew Tobias, 2010 revised and updated version (from local library).

  41. Found you while doing a Roku search. Trying to figure out which model is right for my and looks like info is on your site. Thanks.

  42. Already got a ROKU and I’ve been testing out if it’s really going to accomplish what I want –cancel the cable, of course, but in a way that’s user friendly to our tastes in shows and movies and truly cheap when you add it all up….So I’m excited to have found your site, it looks great.

    I had already googled a bunch of other things for hours, but the phrase that brought your site up was do you lose info when you use roku power?

    I guess it makes sense that you wouldn’t, right? Or else you’d have to choose and load all your favorites again and that takes quite awhile. But I did have the question, so I asked it. I’m always happy to learn from the experience of people who’ve already done something I want to do! Thanks for creating this site.

    Thanks, Melody

  43. I did a Google search, watch television without cable”.
    Great site! i learned/learning a lot. This will really help my daughter and her children.

  44. just tired of payng for a service i had at one point for free or really cheap. (ex. cell phone, internet, tv) im seriously thinking of a way i can buy my own antena and get these servises for free/cheap.

  45. I found you through a Google search to watch HBO online. I’m more than a little sick of paying for cable and am looking for alternatives.

  46. I googled “What can I get in place of cable tv?” , Im sick of our bill being so darn high and out of control and with our one income family I just can’t see the justification for cable anymore.

  47. I heard about this on NPR awile ago. I just paid my huge cable bill and am sick of it. I just Googled: “How do I get television without cable.”

  48. A friend blogged about it and linked to you almost 2 years ago. I cut the cord immediately after. I spent around 700 initial investment but I was paying $100 a month on cable. Saved $500 the first year – well, you get the picture!

  49. I was researching Roku and did a Google search for “Roku” and this site was one of the results.

    I am thrilled because I’ve been looking for this exact type of information in a simple to understand format. I am more than ready to cancel cable!

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your knowledge with others.

  50. did a google search looking for antenna to cancel my cable and your site came up. Thanks for the info, I’m looking forward to getting rid of cable, saving money and not wasting my family’s brains……. 😉

  51. I am so fed up with cable prices, I searched the Internet for help to get rid of this “beast”. I found and read this article from PBS, “Your Guide to Cutting the Cord to Cable TV”, by Mark Glaser, January 8, 2010.

    You folks were in the references!

  52. Mediashift article about cutting the cord to cable had a link to your site. We’re ditching satellite & using huluplus, netflix and a laptop connection to watch our shows . . . And we’re in our 60’s.

  53. Found your site on Google while researching Roku. Your different articles saved me a lot of time on further Googling ! Thanks & keep the great updates coming.

  54. I am planning to cancel my Verizon FiOS service because of move to reduce cost. I will be able to live mortgage free for about 6 months to save money for a new place and looking for a way to watch TV with out the service. Thanks for showing me an alternative. This will save me hundreds of dollars in a short time. To answer your question I googled “How to watch tv with out cable”

  55. googled no cable on lark: I haven’t used cable for years and was thinking about challenging my students to a month of no cable.

  56. I’m sick of paying for TV and having to watch more commercials than the TV show i’m trying to watch. I just googled TV without commercials and got your link.

  57. I googled the words “canceled cable need converter”! We discovered Netfilx and Hulu a few years ago. Fall of 2010 we bought a new blueray player and found out more about Internet TV. When we discovered the Roku II we canceled cable TV. Still haven’t found another way around internet charges, but we are saving a ton! Recently, I have been getting tired of watching news a day late and was pining for my local news channels and PBS stations so I googled it! Thanks for this site, all of our TV’s are “old school” and we can’t afford new ones right now.

  58. I heard about your site while listening to one of my favorite podcasts – Manic Mommies. It looks like it has exactly the information I was looking for. Thanks!

  59. Googled ‘can i receive hulu plus with an antenna tv’ and found this wonderful website. Will show my hubby. Also in the market for new (or newer) tv that will be compatible. This is all new. Have had antenna tv for several yrs now. Thanks for the info.

  60. I heard about it on Manic Mommies. We have been going without cable for about 10 years, so I wanted to see what other families are doing.

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